Pool day



My love

Meet my biggest love ever! This is Kai. He is a pomeranian scpitz and the most wonderful, beautiful and kind dog in the world! He is in our family only for 3 months but I feel like he has been with me all my life. I love him so much that he means everything to me.

P.S. Kai doesn’t like being photographed 😦 It’s very hard for me to capture him but these two pictures give you the idea how handsome he is!

Summer is here!

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Today was very hot until 3 o’clock then it rained so much that I have a cold right now. 😦 Tommorrow is my last exam for this semester so I am really happy because I will be sunbathing on the beach everyday till the end of summer!



The Ancient town Nessebar

Last night my boyfriend and I went to Nessebar. It’s an ancient town in Bulgaria with a lot of museums, restaurants and a breath-taking view. Here are some photos I want to share with you.

  This one is from an Eco bar. This was the first time we went there and we totally loved it! It was made to look like a cave and there was even a waterfall.

And last but not least I want to thank you for your support on my first publication. I didn’t even expect someone to read it but you are amazing! Have a nice day and a great weekend!💕