Pool day



Vlas Vegas 

 This is from last night’s party at the beach club Marmalad here in St. Vlas. One of my favourite bulgarian hip hop artist was performing and I had a great night. Me and my boyfriend stayed until 5 o’clock and left only because the music got boring. This is the only decent picture of my look because there were a lot of people and we couldn’t take many photos. The name of the post is like that because they were joking that St. Vlas is the mini version of Las Vegas and sounds similar. Ha-ha
P.S. While I am writing this post i can’t even hear my own thoughts because of the fireworks (this happens every night).

A walk by the yacht port

    Last night we had a walk by the Marina Dinevi yacht port in Saint Vlas. It’s one of my favorite places here. There is not much to do but it’s very beautiful and quiet. We had a delicious dinner and ate some yummy ice cream.

I also wanted to share this beautiful dress I bought last week! I am in love with it! It’s my favorite color (pink) and matches perfectly with my Melissa shoes. And the pearls are just goergous don’t you think ? 😍

The Ancient town Nessebar

Last night my boyfriend and I went to Nessebar. It’s an ancient town in Bulgaria with a lot of museums, restaurants and a breath-taking view. Here are some photos I want to share with you.

  This one is from an Eco bar. This was the first time we went there and we totally loved it! It was made to look like a cave and there was even a waterfall.

And last but not least I want to thank you for your support on my first publication. I didn’t even expect someone to read it but you are amazing! Have a nice day and a great weekend!💕